Medium Brown Hair Color Kit For Men

Medium Brown Hair Color Kit For Men

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The MiN New York Medium Brown Hair Color Kit is quick, easy and natural. It allows you to enjoy you salon results in just 5 MiNutes right at home! It offers 100% gray coverage and lasts 4-6 weeks true to tone.

Demi-Permanent intelligent hair color technology. Built-in conditioning formula leaves hair stronger and shinier. Get 100% gray coverage or blending. This product does not contain ammonia, making it gentler on hair and scalp. Not a metallic dye.

This Kit includes:

  • Catalyst (activator)
  • Color Blocker (selective color blocking agent)
  • optional applicator brush and gloves
  • detailed instructions

*** Color Blocker has been temporarily removed from the kits due to repackaging. The kit is still fully functional without this component.

This Kit has been featured in Men's Health Magazine's "100 Rules of Looking Great!" It matches 6 salon bench-marked hair color shades: light brown, medium brown, dark brown, darkest brown, pepper [similar to George Clooney's shade] and black.