MiN New York: FORTIFY | Daily Conditioner DHT Blocker 8.5oz



Fortify Active Hair Care Conditioner is MiN New York’s strengthening conditioner delivers exceptional moisture.Fortify is great for soothing and healing damaged or stressed hair. It also rinses, cleans and detangles hair without weighing it down.

Genetics, stress and other pre-existing conditions are among the numerous explanations for hair loss and thinning hair. Our focus is on what medical experts have named the leading cause: DHT. Also known as dihydrotestosterone, DHT is the result of 5-alpha-reductase (an enzyme) acting upon hormones produced by both men and women. It collects at the base of the hair, restricting its growth. At first, the hair will thin, then the follicle will be asphyxiated and hair loss will occur. Included in our formulas are ingredients essential for healthy hair and scalp, such as Biotin, Zinc Sulfate and Saw Palmetto. We actively seek out new and promising ingredients, such as Procapil and Copper Peptide Y3 that deliver a competitive edge. Our formulas have no side effects and are color safe. They can even be used in addition to other prescription hair treatments.

Ingredients- Include Biotin, Zinc Sulfate, Saw Palmetto, Procapil, Copper Peptide Y3. Please email for the full ingredient deck.